Vyas Bhuvan Page

This is our extended building located in Hindu Colony, Dadar, Mumbai. The old loadbearing structure was just 3 stories built in 1933 by my grandfather, Pt. Narayanrao Vyas.
In 1996 we extended the building by adding 2 more floors above. A frame of 8 external concrete columns and beams totally hold the two floors above. I was a architectural student then, so imagine my contribution! All interior design was in-house!
Front-corner view from access street - 6th lane. Lift/elevator shaft is on right. Side view from neighbour's property. That's second, third and fourth storey.
Front view from access street - 6th lane. Wooden windows! We designed the shutters and window framing. View from 5th floor terrace to 6th floor terrace (above staircase). In foreground is a concrete water tank and behind above is the elevator machine room. Terrace Fountain! All the way from Makrana, Rajasthan at 4th floor. I sure runs fantastic! Light fixtures at brick posts over marble top.
View from living room towards terrace through the french window. The 2-bed, 850 sft apartment is behind us. Aai's (mother) little own mural wall - using Dholpur stone. That's Madhavi maushi's painting on the wall. Not the best image! Look down from 5th floor terrace to 4th floor terrace. Note the pre-cast concrete balusters.