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Here's my photograph from Michigan. Rajlaxmi took this one at my GSRA office in the Art & Architecture Building on North Campus. We were just friends then, of course! with some soft-corner for each other. It was probably taken in the Fall of 1999, a year after I arrived in US (notice my cheeks!).

And here's Rajlaxmi, after our marriage. The snap is pretty recent, shot just outside our current apt complex by the fountain. Rajlaxmi got her Bachelor's degree from Rachna Sansad or Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and came to Michigan for her Master's in Architecture, at the same time I came for Planning. Sir JJ and Academy still have quite a healthy competition between their students, but it didn't seem to come in our way!

Here you will find much information about my family (!!) and friends. I am still updating the navigational bar (on the left) with new 'n' cool stuff, so please book mark this site and check back later.

ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF ANVITA VYAS!! Anvita was born 23rd August 2002 at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center, San Ramon, California. At birth she weighed 5.5 pounds and 18.5 inches. 'Anvita' is the name of Indian Godess 'Durga' and also means 'One who has already brought people together' and 'Courageous'. Do look up Anvita Online at Yahoo Photos!

I appologize. The sections of Album page are currently unavailable due to space constraints. I still need to address this problem when I get some time off from my little princess!

I am still pulling off contacts and addresses of all my friends, so if you have one, be sure to let me know. I would be happy to provide a link to your homepage. Getting your snap will be a bonus!

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