Billingsley Development
Dallas, Texas

Calthorpe Associates
Berkeley, California

Austin Ranch III, Plano, Texas - New Towns & Neighbourhoods

Austin Ranch III was primarily an architectural site planning project consisting of two aspects; designing the various residential units, and planning them within the stipulated right of ways. The master plan specified land uses. The challenge remained in the composition of the various housing as per the theme of the site plan.

Master Site Plan
Phase III Site Plan

There are 7 principal unit types with their own variations (end/alternate conditions) that make up the architectural scope. All units are alley-fed with front porches or balconies. Those facing the main access streets have tall-urban look while those on the inside of blocks have a more humane look.
Block Detail (Aley-fed) Plan
Urban Street Elevation

Urban look is emphasised by brick facade that act as 'book-ends'. Uneven roof-line promotes visual richness. Units are repeated as strings of patterns.
Urban Elevation & Plans
Urban & Internal (above) Elevations