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Hello! I am Alok Vyas.

At present I am working with Peter Calthorpe at Calthorpe Associates in Berkeley, California. We are a middle size firm with around 18 people; most planners and architects. Here, I have had a good chance of working on a variety of projects in architecture and planning from regional to neighbourhood scale, new development and landuse to revitalization. Take a look at my 'updated' planning portfolio for a list of prominent works.

The latest milestone in my career was achieved in April 2000 when I graduated with a Master's in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan's department of Urban and Regional Planning Program at the College of Architecture & Urban Planning. My concentration in Planning was in Physical Development and Urban Design. I am also quite interested in Transportation Planning specially its context with landuse. In 2000, the college was rechristened Alfred A. Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning after Mr. Taubman, a renowned philanthropist "gifted" some $30 Million to the college!

I also have a professional 5-year Bachelor's degree in Architecture, received in April 1997 from Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Bombay, India. This college is affiliated with the University of Bombay.
In Bombay, I worked as a Project Architect with Pheroze Kudianawala Architects Consultant Engineers Pvt. Ltd. My association with this firm was for 2 years before I came to the United States to pursue my Master's education. A look at my architectural portfolio will throw light at my architectural training and its subsequent professional use.

On the Personal front, my latest and most important milestone was achieved in February 2001, with my marriage to my college sweetheart, Rajlaxmi Guhagarkar (Now Vyas). She joined Michigan at the same time as I did, but in the Master's degree program in Architecture. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, from Academy of Architecture (Rachna Sansad), Bombay, India. In my Personal section you will find our wedding photographs and such information.

This section of site is a narration of my journey from the Architectural World in India out to the Planning Universe. I invite you to visit each page, both in professional and personal sections to uncover this journey. Above all, I invite you to get acquainted with my research work/papers, professional development as well as my personal side.

Please do write to me any comments that you may have at the e-mail address below! I would be delighted to hear from you.
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