Collection of my important Professional and Academic research papers & studio projects. I am still adding and updating this portfolio.
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Richmond Transit Village - Richmond, California(Urban Revitalization & Renewal): Calthorpe Associates.
This urban renewal project integrates different land parcels around a multi-nodal station [Richmond AMTRAK and Richmond BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations]. This urban and architectural design project provides a mix of walkable and pedestrian friendly housing ownership opportunities in a high density and mixed use configuration that encourages public transit use.
Smart Growth Twin Cities - Minneapolis/St. Paul Region, Minnesota(Regional Planning): Calthorpe Associates.
I was partly involved in this multi-year smart growth initiative in preparing GIS maps for the kick-off regional workshop in City of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on 3rd May 2001. This workshop laid down the path for the next sub-regional workshop processes.
Austin Ranch Phase III - Plano, Texas (New Towns & Neighbourhood): Calthorpe Associates.
This project was phase III of a 1200-acre master planned site in Plano, north of Dallas. This was another exposure to an urban and architectural design project that involved a mix of walkable and pedestrian friendly housing opportunities in a high density and mixed use configuration.
City of Richardson TODs, Texas(Transit Oriented Development): Calthorpe Associates, Current Project.
This is my fourth major project at Calthorpe, but first that specifically deals with Transit Oriented Development (TOD) studies. The project strives to study the development pattern around the first two of the five stations on the DART(Dallas Area Rapid Transit)'s northeast expansion line within its limits and finally propose alternatives for high density redevelopment around them.

Rockefeller Center - An Adventure in Urban Design: December 14th, 1998. Fall Semester.
This was my third assignment for UP 519 Principle and Practices of Urban Design I. I was required to take up a subject building having a strong correlation to urban design themes and elements. The main purpose of this study was to procure and get familiarized with the vast resources of literature available on urban design concepts and topics.

Washtenaw County Concept Plan - Final Plan Outline: April 6, 1999. Winter Semester.
This was for another of my core urban planning course, UP 505 Qualitative Planning Techniques. The project was like a real life planning opportunity. Professor Sue Gott was representing as the Washtenaw County Planning Department and in that capacity she issued "Request For Proposals" to "Pre qualified Professional Planning Consultants". There were Seven planning groups selected for this pre qualification. These seven groups were expected to get acquainted with the current issues concerning Washtenaw County and were required to shape their proposals into the larger Washtenaw County Concept Plan.

West Branch Fleming Creek Land Use Development Plan - Years 2000 - 2010: December 13, 1999. Fall Semester.
This was my third and final project for the UP/SNRE 579 Land Use Planning and Design course. The course envisioned a concerned development of the West Branch Fleming Creek Watershed area, located to the north of Plymouth Road in Northerneast Ann Arbor. A set of required development land uses (proforma) was provided. The first two projects dealt primarily with the collection and assimilation of cultural and economic data and demographics of the watershed area.

Mexicantown Urban Design Studio: December 20th, 1999. Fall Semester.
This was my Capstone project for UP 631 Land Use and Physical Planning Studio. This 6-credit hour intensive studio served to establish for me an important linkage between Community Planning and Transportation Planning. This course also enabled me to achieve urban design as my concentration in the planning degree. The studio dealt primarily with researching on the various "Urban Design Methodologies" and applying them to real-life site conditions like those in Mexicantown area in Southwest Detroit. Perhaps, this was my closest of experiences of working with a real-life community and their issues.